Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Migi Nail Art FANatics!

The new and improved Migi Nail Art blog is here! We are ready to rock this place with out-of-this-world designs, crazy awesome dealsstep-by-step tutorials and much, much more. Can you handle the excitement!? For those of you stumbling upon this blog just now allow me to introduce the one and only...

Migi Nail Art

Migi Nail Art (pronounced Mee Gee) is nail polish in a pen. Each pen has two colors (two different bottles of nail polish back-to-back) and each color has a brush for base coats and a tip for designs. You twist off the top of each color for the brush to polish. The exceptional, revolutionary, unique part of our pen is the patented "micro-tip" for DIY designs which you pull off that same top for (yes, videos are coming). Migi has a patented design, thus the only nail art tools you will find on shelves are small brushes or marker pens for your nails. Migi nail polish tubes are flexible, so just lightly squeeze on the color and the polish flows out through the tip.  The Result? Easy-to-do, on-trend, salon style nail designs - DIY! 

Easy, affordable, beautiful - that's the name of our game here at Migi. We're so excited about what we have in store for you. To better keep up, let's be best friends on the Migi Facebook Page :) A little birdie told me the next post is a How-To for the watermelon nail design - just in time for summer!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exciting new products & Holiday Contest!

Hey guys! Yes I know it's only November... but we are so excited for the Holiday and Winter season, we just couldn't wait! We have TWO new spectacular Migi Kits that are already on our website and ready to be scooped up! Introducing...

Holiday Kit

This exclusive kit features 6 perfect colors to design all your Holiday nail designs. Stars, trees, silver bells and ginger bread men! You can make bows, lights, or any holiday design to match your outfit! This kit is a steal for only $19.99! The 6 colors include-
  • Silver
  • Glitter Gold
  • Red Matte
  • Green Matte
  • Gold
  • White Matte

Snowflake Kit

This kit features 4 hand picked colors to let you design a beautiful winter wonderland on each nail! Snowflakes, icicles, or frosted nails.. these colors are perfect to recreate winter effects! For only $15.99, the 4 colors in this kit include-
  • Black Matte
  • White Matte
  • Silver
  • Blue Matte

AND- Yes, there's more, now through January 7th, 2011, every customer who purchases either the Holiday Kit or Snowflake Kit will receive a FREE Top Coat in their order! Our clear, high-strength, high quality top coat dries quickly to create a strong barrier to protect your polish from cracks and chips. I have used this top coat and absolutely love it- one of the best I've tried in a long time! Normally a great price for $4.99, but you will receive it for FREE!

I have one more announcement before details on the contest..

Enter Coupon Code "MIGI" when checking out and you will receive 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER!

Could it get much better than that? Two new, fun, kits that come with a FREE Top Coat, plus 20% off? This is one of the best deals we will have all year- so I recommend taking advantage of it! Please note, the 20% off is for ANY order, not just when you purchase a Holiday or Snowflake kit. WOW! Exciting deal, huh?

Now- We are also going to be hosting a Holiday Contest! This contest is going to be the same format as our Halloween Contest- just with a different theme! Check out our Youtube page to see all the details about this contest in case you didn't see the last one, and be sure to subscribe!! =) Click this link to learn more =)